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  • Life Force is an international innovative group of companies that combines the research and development center for the study of humic substances and modern manufacturing facilities for production of the feed supplements for animal nutrition and health, as well as fertilizers and other products for plants and soils based on humic and fulvic acids from the raw material of the highest quality – leonardite – compliant with international quality & safety standards.  Read more…
  • We contribute to the maintenance and enhancement of the health of soil, plant, animal, human and planet as one and indivisible, through the development of products based on natural humic acids.
    As part of the global mission of our company, we perform two main functions:
    – Constant accumulation and circulation of knowledge about humic substances and their positive effects on soils, plants, animals and humans.
    – Production and supply to the market of effective and environmentally friendly products based on humic substances for livestock breeding without antibiotics, synthetic materials and hormones; cultivation of plants without pesticides, maintenance and restoration of soil fertility.  Read more…
  • We are always open for collaboration with professionals who support the idea of agricultural green revolution and are willing to learn the excellent prospects of humic acids application. Through an extensive network of representatives & distributors and promotion of high-quality humic products for livestock, poultry, fish, plants, we make business not only profitable for our partners, but also contribute to the development of new promising areas in nutrition and health of animals and people throughout the world.
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Ecologically safe natural feed material for livestock, fish and poultry with high bioaccessibility and effective use


Soil conditioners, plant grown bioactivators & micronutrients


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  • Animal nutrition

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