Products and fertilizers for plants and soil with humates in their composition are recognized as one of the most effective both scientifically and through practical application.
Life Force humates are derived from lignite (leonardite, brown coal) mined in a unique place near the world’s largest freshwater Lake Baikal. Lignite from this deposit is characterized by a high content, richness and biological activity of organic matter. That is why the products of LIFE FORCE LLC, containing this lignite have a high influence on growth and productivity of agricultural crops and ornamentals.
The major distinguishing feature of all Life Force products is that they are produced without the use of any classic synthetic chelating agents such as EDTA, DTPA and others that makes it possible to eliminate or minimize an adverse effect on harvest and environment.
Humates increase nutrients bioavailability and their absorption by plants. They neutralize soil contamination, catalize rapid disruption of toxins and an adverse impact of chemical pesticides and plant protection products use.
Life Force products are manufactured in accordance with a unique technology of polycomplex formation of minerals with humic, carboxylic and amino acids. This allows to obtain a higher concentration of nutrients in the composition of fertilizers, to ensure their high penetration into a plant without the risk of phytotoxicity.
Life Force products have an exceptional quality and efficiency while maintaining price competitiveness.

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