Organophilic Lignite Premium

Drilling agent (additive) for filtration and fluid-loss control
A highly effective agent for the preparation of drilling muds, characterized by low ash content, increased concentration of high molecular weight humic acids, versatility and processability of application.

It is used as an agent for fluid-loss control and filtration of oil-based or water-based drilling muds. Works synergistically with emulsifiers in conventional invert emulsion fluid systems to increase overall emulsion and thermal stability of the liquid system.
Humic acids (including fulvic acids) *: 80-90 %

Ash content: < 14 % (on average 4 to 10 %)

Humidity: 25 % (± 3 %)

Grinding fineness (particle size): 0-1 mm

Specific gravity: 0,75-0,9

pH: 3,7-5

* in dry matter
Appearance: powder from brown to dark brown

Packaging: 25 kg 3-layer paper bags with inner lamination.
The product complies with EU environmental legislation, included in the list of substances permitted for use and dumping in coastal areas when drilling wells, as a substance that poses a zero risk to the environment (PLONOR). Especially effective in deep hot well bores.
Field of application and purpose
  • Reduced fluid-loss at high temperatures and pressures

  • Decrease in HTHP filtration of oil-based drilling muds (OBM)

  • Improving overall mud stability

  • Can be used in water-based drilling muds when solubized with potassium hydroxide (KOH) and / or sodium hydroxide (NaOH)
  • Improving the quality of the mud cake

  • Improving the stability of Inverted Oil Emulsion Drilling muds

  • Ensuring the stability of the wellbore

  • Helps to improve the thermal stability of oil-based muds at temperatures above 260 °C
    • It has the highest quality characteristics among similar agents of drilling muds based on humic acids from lignite / leonardite on the world market: low ash content, humic acid content, chemical and physical indicators.

    • Easily and quickly dissolves in water when solubized with potassium hydroxide (KOH) and / or sodium hydroxide (NaOH), acting as a humate-potassium or humate-sodium agent for the preparation of water-based drilling muds (as a high-temperature dispersant, a means to control the fluids loss as a limiter of water absorption by shale in wellbores).
    • Can be used in any type of base oil.

    • Effective in deep hot well bores.

    • Effective at low concentrations.

    • Environmentally friendly.

    • Effective in all ester / olefinic systems as well as invert emulsion drilling muds.
            Rates and recommendations
            Add 1-20 kg/m3 to water-based drilling mud at 100% lignite / leonardite ratio with potassium hydroxide (KOH) 17-22% or sodium hydroxide (NaOH) 13-17% depending on the desired degree of filtration control and fluid loss
            Add 2-25 kg/m3 to oil based drilling mud, depending on desired filtration control and fluid loss.
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