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Life Force specialists presented Reasil Technology at a conference in Moscow

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How to increase the profitability of production and to improve the quality of livestock products at one time?

The issue that is highly important to all the manufacturers without exception was discussed at the International Scientific and Practical Conference "Scientific and Creative Heritage in the science of animal feeding Ivan Semenovich Popov, a member of the All-Union Academy of Agricultural Sciences."

The event took place in Moscow from November 12 to November 15, 2018 on the basis of the Russian State Agrarian University – Moscow Agricultural Academy named after K.A. Timiryazev.

Life Force specialists Irina Vasilenko, director of business development and R&D department, and Alexey Vasiliev, doctor of agricultural sciences, professor, head of the department Feeding, zoohygiene and aquaculture of Saratov State Vavilov Agrarian University, made a report "Innovative approaches to hatching eggs quality improvement, increase of hens productivity, as well as to prevention and elimination of liver pathological conditions."

Reasil Technology presented in the frames of the report aroused sincere interest and a lively response from the audience. The technology of poultry breeding is easily integrated into the production cycle of any enterprise at every stage: from parent flock feeding and improvement of the incubation quality to increasing productivity, removing antibiotic residues and preventing liver pathologies in laying hens and broiler chickens.

Ready for use and clear solutions are based on using Reasil HumicVet based on humic acids.

The technology is somehow revolutionary and has no analogues in Russia.

Reasil feed supplements and materials help provide competitive, cost-effective poultry farming, dairy and meat cattle breeding, pig breeding and fish farming. Exceptional quality at every stage is our top priority.