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Reasil Technology was presented in the largest poultry forum in Russia

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The International Forum "Broiler and Egg" was held in the Cosmos hotel (Moscow, Russia). It is the traditional event for many poultry farmers of Russia and the neighbouring countries.

Like all other events organized by Sergey Shabaev, President of the Eurasian Poultry Association for the export and import of poultry meat and eggs, the forum highlighted the most pressing problems of the industry and the most interesting achievements and solutions for farmers.

Life Force Head of Sales Vyacheslav Konstantinov made a presentation of Reasil Technology for poultry, telling about its advantages and new opportunities to increase the profitability of any enterprise in the sphere. It was a great pleasure for Life Force specialists to listen to the colleagues who shared their achievements.

Konstantin Korsakov, President of Life Force group of companies, and Irina Vasilenko, Business & Science Development Director, addressed the audience with a welcoming speech. They expressed their gratitude and presented a letter of appreciation to the permanent forum organizer Sergey Shabaev, and shared with the participants a new issue of the scientific journal "Fundamentals and Prospects of Organic Biotechnology".

During the break, Life Force specialists gladly received forum participants in the guest zone, treating everyone with a special drink "Elixir of Dr. Korsakov" based on natural humic acids from leonardite, which heal all the living organism – not only animals, but also humans.

Also Life Force surprised the guests with its new product: "Panacea of Dr. Korsakov" – all the power of humic acids in a convenient format of capsules!

Life Force Company is always doing its best to fulfill its mission – from animal and poultry health to human health – by creating unique biologically active products and introducing
Reasil Technology into the farms to obtain high-quality and safe products from healthy, highly productive animals and poultry.

Life Force thanks the organizers of the Forum for providing photo materials.