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Reasil technology: Life Force presented an innovation at the exhibition in Krasnodar

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Eco-friendly products and high profitability?
Today this has become possible thanks to the innovative Reasil technology from Life Force.

This technology was presented on October, 25 at the International Exhibition of Equipment, Feed and Veterinary Products for Livestock and Poultry breeding Farming Expo-2018 in Krasnodar.

The report "Innovative approaches to hatching eggs quality improvement, increase of hens productivity, as well as to prevention and elimination of liver pathological conditions" was presented by Vyacheslav Konstantinov, Head of sales. The topic provoked a keen response from the audience, and after a series of questions, the discussion continued at the Life Force booth.

Reasil feed additives help provide competitive, cost-effective poultry farming, dairy and beef cattle breeding, pig breeding and fish farming.

Reasil technology for poultry farming includes innovative approaches to improve the quality of hatching eggs, increase productivity and survival, prevent and eliminate pathological conditions of the liver, eliminate antibiotics residual from the body of birds and animals and improve the market quality and safety of poultry products.

Exceptional quality at every stage is our top priority.