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Life Force Group - 18th Anniversary

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We're 18 years old!

From healthy plants, animals and birds to healthy people!

18 years is a long way! An adulthood -is just the beginning for human.
18 years for company is a considerable date, proving the business efficiency and the correctness of the chosen strategy.

Today the Life Force group of companies is one of the leaders in the market of products based on humic substances.

We improve soil fertility, increase production performance in livestock, and make the world better, cleaner and safer. We are making our contribution to the prosperity of humankind and the health of the ecosystem as a whole.

Life Force includes manufacturing enterprises and offices in Lithuania, Ukraine and Russia. ⠀

We are grateful to all our clients, colleagues, partners and competitors. Thank You for being with us! We wouldn't have made it without you.

We congratulate the friendly team of Life Force. Our success and achievements are the work of every member and the team at large. We have achieved a lot, but there are new unconquered peaks ahead. New challenges. New victories.