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AgroExpo Uzbekistan 2023

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Successful participation in the 19th international agricultural exhibition “AgroExpo Uzbekistan 2023” in Tashkent from November 29 to December 1, 2023, has opened new opportunities for Life Force Group.

The diverse range of exhibitors shed light on various sectors within the agricultural industry. Our company focuses on pioneering modern trends, specifically the biologization and ecofriendly approach to crop and livestock production processes.

Our company has been a consistent participant in events within the republic. During this exhibition, our team showcased both established flagship products and introduced new offerings, notably a series of chelates within the amino-humate complex.

Life Force Group's products, derived from humic acids sourced from Siberian leonardite, attracted considerable attention from exhibition attendees. This attention stemmed from their remarkable properties and proven application results: aiding in vital industry challenges such as enhancing soil fertility, stimulating humification processes, optimizing feed conversion, reducing pesticide usage, and potentially eliminating the need for antibiotics altogether.
Life Force Group at AgroExpo Uzbekistan 2023
Life Force Group at AgroExpo Uzbekistan 2023
Life Force Group at AgroExpo Uzbekistan 2023