Reasil® Humic Health
feed supplement

Biologically active feed
supplement in powder
form for the increased
productivity of livestock,
poultry and fish.
The product is of high
bioavailability and efficiency.

Increases productivity of livestock, poultry and fish.

Improves quality of meat, eggs, milk and wool, increasing profitability in animal husbandry, poultry farming and fish breeding.

Decreases morbidity and mortality.

Provides antiviral, antibacterial and anti-inflammatory action.

Allows reducing or completely rejecting the application of antibiotics through the stimulation of the immune system.

Regulates gastro-intestinal tract function. Stimulates the development of intestinal villuses. Activates the processes of adsorption and assimilation of feed components. Decreases feed conversion rate.

Improves body metabolism. Enhances calcium and trace nutrients fixation.

Improves biochemical blood values within normal limits.

Provides hepatoprotective effect.

Provides effective enterosorption and elimination of mycotoxins and other toxins.

Increases stress resistance.

Makes fecal matter more suitable for composting and subsequent use as an organic fertilizer due to humic acids content.

Humic substances in dry matter: 70-80 %.
Humidity: 15 % (±3 %).
Preparative form:
powder of brown color.
Reasil® Humic Health

Reasil® Humic Health is used in Reasil® Technology for all types of farm animals, poultry and fish.

Reasil® Humic Health is added to the feedstuff at feed rooms using to the existing mixing technology.

Timing and recommended rates of application:
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