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Life Force company participated in IEC Business Conference

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Omelets and sunny side up eggs are a traditional breakfast for most citizens of our planet. We owe the opportunity to enjoy high-quality safe eggs to genetic scholars who developed new cross-breeds of egg-laying birds, and to recognized organizations setting the global standards for this product.

One such organization, the International Egg Commission, convenes events for leaders in the industry.

At IEC Business Conference held on April 7–9 in Monte Carlo, representatives of leading companies discussed many pertinent topics, from the role of soybeans in production stability to the future of the industry.

The multi-party discussion was joined by representatives of our company – General Director Konstantin Korsakov and Director for EU Development Anastasia Arkhipova.

As part of the business program they presented our new product Reasil HumicVet feed additive and Reasil technologies for poultry to the participants.

The unique development is based on using a liquid feed additive at every stage of growing the poultry: from feeding the breeders and treatment of incubator eggs to growing chickens and hens.

Reasil technology kindled the interest of the audience. Our specialists had a number of negotiations with potential partners who they offered goal-wise solutions: higher yield, better liver indicators in poultry and excretion of remaining antibiotics from the body of birds.