Reasil® HumicVet

Liquid water-soluble feed material / feed ingredient of a complex action for the increased productivity of livestock and poultry.

Humic substances: 100 g/l (10 % weight/volume).
pH: 10,5-11,5.
Preparative form: dark-brown water-soluble liquid.


- Increases meat, eggs, milk and wool products quality.
- Increases the livability of young livestock animals and birds, reduces stress and improves immunity.
- Increases stress resistance in the post-weaning period in piglets, calves, foals and other livestock animals.
- Increases the productivity of laying hens, increases egg-laying capacity, decreases cracks and egg breakage, increases shell thickness.
- Has a hepatoprotective function.
- Contributes to a more rapid and complete removal of residues of antibiotics and anticoccidials from broiler chicken body.
- Improves the quality of broiler liver and reduces the percentage of its utilization.
- Minimizes disturbances in the activity of the gastrointestinal tract when transfer the young stock from wet to dry type of feeding.
- Increases body weight gain and improves feed conversion.
- Increases reproduction functions and qualities in mature livestock animals and birds.

Timing and recommended rates of application:

Reasil® HumicVet is used in Reasil® Technology for all types of farm animals and poultry.
Reasil® HumicVet is given through the water supply or medication systems.

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      Other animals
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