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Life Force at Interpoma, the international trade show for apple cultivation, storage and marketing

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Life Force always moves with the times, applies up to date technologies, develops new products, carries out numerous field trials and laboratory testing of its products.

A 3-year experimental trial in cooperation with Istituto Agrario di San Michele all`Adige (Italy) was one of the most important research projects of our company.

We tested our product Life Force Humate & Micro on apple orchards and grapevine.

Life Force Humate & Micro is a liquid plant growth bioactivator with humic acids extracted from leonardite and micronutrients in complex with the organic matrix. It increases plants production and biological activity, enhances plant resistance to stress, increases crop quality and yield.

The obtained 3-year trial results confirmed that the application of Life Force Humate & Micro on apple orchard and grapevine is effective in the modification of both yield and qualitative aspects.

Life Force was glad to present the results of its longstanding and fruitful work at the worldwide unique event Interproma – international trade show for the cultivation, storage and marketing of the apple. The exhibition was held in Bolzano, Italy, 24th-26th November 2016.

Specialists of our company were pleased to meet farmers, tree nurseries and research institutes. We are always open to share knowledge and experience and discuss the latest trends in fertilizers & biostimulants industry with other manufacturers of fertilizers.