Life Force Soil Conditioner Humate Balance

Soil conditioner which improves the chemical, physical and biological characteristics of the soil. It is a source of bio-activated humic acids from leonardite which improves fertility of all types of soils, increases crop yields and enhances plants establishment.


Dry matter 85% (±3%)
Organic matter of dry matter 80%
Humic and fulvic acids of organic matter 85%
N organic of dry matter 1.3%
pH (1:100) 6.5-7

Appearance: black-brown powder, pellets


  • Fast recovery of depleted soils.
  • Restores soil buffering capacity and neutralizes problems associated with low and high pH range.
  • Increases the cation exchange capacity.
  • Restores humus deficiency and improves soil structure.
  • Activates the process of soil self-purification from pesticides and heavy metals.
  • Promotes beneficial environment for microflora.
  • Enhances establishment of all types of plants.
  • Increases water absorption and its retention in the soil.
  • Increases nutrient availability in the soil, enhances the efficacy of all kind of fertilizers applied for plants root nutrition.
  • Reduces the application of mineral fertilizers by 30-50%, increasing their availability.
  • Significantly increases yields.


To enhance the humus level and the content of soil organic carbon (C) and to improve soil detoxication:
In any season; apply into the soil after harvesting or before sowing/planting: 2-3 kg/100 m2.

Vegetables, crops, legumes, oil crops, berries, grass:
Before sowing/planting/renewal of development: 2-4 kg/100 m2.

Fruit trees, ornamental trees and shrubs:
During planting/transplanting: apply 0.3-0.5 kg/m2 on the bottom of the planting hole and add 1-2% to the soil to fill up the hole.
Top dress throughout the tree or shrub crown: 50-70 g/m2 annually.

Pot plants (trees, shrubs, flowers):
To prepare ground (soil): 4-5 g/5 kg (l) of the soil.
During the year: 5-10 g/5 kg (l) of the soil, divide into 2-3- equal doses.

Soil substrates:
5-10 kg/m3 as a source of humic biopolymers, resistant to mineralizing (biodegradation)

15-25 kg/m3 as a source of humic biopolymers, resistant to mineralizing (biodegradation)


Packaging: plastic bucket of 1 kg, plastic bucket of 3 kg, plastic bucket of 10 kg, paper bag of 25 kg, big bag of 750 kg.


NOTE: This product is not for sale in EU countries.