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Humic science for healthy life!

Life Force is an international innovative group of companies that includes Research and Development Center for the study of humic acids and several up-to-date manufacturing enterprises.

We develop and produce eco-friendly high efficiency products based on humic and fulvic acids from leonardite for their application in different spheres:

  • Feed materials and additives for healthy nutrition of animals

  • Fertilizers and other products for plant & soil

  • Products for soil remediation

  • Drilling fluids and agents

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The source of humic acids is the unique deposits of brown naturally oxidised coal or subbituminous coal in Siberia.

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Life Force products contribute to:

  • Human health and well-being
    Human health depends on the high-quality products with high nutritional value, without residues of veterinary drugs, pesticides and antibiotics.
  • Safety and quality of products
    Production of safe products in conditions of intensive livestock & poultry farming and crop cultivation.

  • Efficiency
    The use our technologies contributes to effective crop,
    livestock and poultry farming.

  • Profitability
    High efficiency is a guarantee of profitable production of safe livestock,
    poultry and crop products.
Our goal is to contribute to the maintenance and improvement of the health of soil, plants, animals, humans and the planet, as a single and indivisible whole.

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Crop farming
Soil conditioners
Liquid fertilizers
Seed stimulators

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Animal farming
Liquid feed materials
Solid feed materials
Litter conditioner

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Agents for drilling fluids
Products for drilling oil and gas wells
on land shelf, sea.
Improve quality and reduce environmental impact
of drilling fluids.

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Products for treatment and restoration
of contaminated soil and water.

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