Reasil Humic Health

Content of humic substances in dry matter: 70-80%
Humidity: 15% (±3%)
Preparative form: powder of brown color.

Does not contain genetically modified products.

A natural ecologically safe feed material for the increased productivity and enhanced resistance of the organism of livestock, poultry, fur animals and fish. It is effective in use and has high bioaccessibility. It is a concentrated form of high molecular weight humic acids from leonardite.


– Increases productivity of livestock, poultry and fish, improves quality of meat, eggs, milk and wool – as a result increases profitability in animal husbandry, poultry farming and fish breeding.
– Decreases morbidity and mortality.
– Due to its antiviral, antibacterial and anti-inflammatory action it enhances immunity and allows reducing or completely rejecting the application of antibiotics.
– Regulates gastro-intestinal tract function: stimulates the development of intestinal villuses, stimulates enzyme activity, increases assimilation of feed components and improves feed conversion.
– Activates body metabolism and improves calcium and trace nutrients fixation.
– Improves biochemical blood values within normal limits and provides hepatoprotective effect.
– Acts as an enterosorbent of mycotoxins, toxins and pesticide residue.
– Enhances stress resistance.
– Increases value of fecal masses for composting and subsequent use as an organic fertilizer due to the presence of humic acids.

Timing and recommended rates of application:

The feed material is added to the feedstuff at feed rooms using to the existing mixing technology.

Animal specie Dose per 1 t of feed Dose per 100 kg of live weight Period of application/  break
Poultry 1,5 kg 2 g 14-20 days /7 days
Pig, piglets 3 kg 8 g 30 days /10 days
Cattle 4,5 kg 10 g 30 days /10 days
Incalvers 4,5 kg 10 g 2 consecutive months before calving
Heifers 4,5 kg 10 g in 3 periods of 30 days / 10 days
Bull calves 4,5 kg 10 g in 4 periods of 30 days / 10 days
Small ruminants 1,5 kg 2 g 30 days /10 days
Horses 3 kg 8 g 30 days /10 days
Fur animals 1,5 kg 2 g 30 days /10 days
Fish 1,5 kg 2 g 30 days /10 days