Life Force Good Set B/Mo

A liquid fertilizer with a high content of organic boron, molybdenum and amino acids. The product is specifically designed to stimulate flowering, fruit set and its retention, to improve quality and productivity of crops.


Amino acids: 30-50 g/l (3-5 % w/v*)
Total nitrogen (N): 56.3 g/l (5.63% w/v)
Boron (B): 71.4 g/l (7.14% w/v)
Molybdenum (Mo): 5.7 g/l (0.57 % w/v)
Density: 1,25 g/cm3
pH: 9,2

*w/v – weight/volume

Timing and recommended rates of application:

Foliar spraying (application rates are governed by plant size):

Pulses, legumes:
1-2 l/ha (3 applications: during stalks branching, at budding and pulses formation).

1.5-3 l/ha (1-2 applications: when 6-8 leaves appear, at flowering).

1.5-3 l/ha (1-2 applications: when 3-4 leaves appear, at calathium development).

1.5-2.5 l/ha (1-2 applications: at sprouting, at budding).

Fruit, berries, watermelon, melon, cucurbit, citrus trees, olive, actinidia, banana, grape:
80-150 ml/hl; 1-2.5 l/ha (3-4 applications: in the beginning of flowering, during fruit set, at fruit maturation).

Vegetables, brassicas, asparagus, turnip, celery, lettuce, tomato:
80-120 ml/hl; 1-1.5 l/ha (2-3 applications: before flowering, during fruit set and at fruit maturation).

1-2 l/ha (2 applications: 10 days after sprouting, at tuber formation).

Sugar beet:
1.5-3 l/ha (2-3 applications: when 4-6 leaves appear, then 6-8 leaves and further 10-12 leaves).

Canola, cotton:
2-4 l/ha (2 applications: when 6-8 leaves appear, during budding).

Lucerne, pasture:
1-2 l/ha (2 applications: during intensive growth and at flowering).

70-120 ml/hl (1-2 applications: before and after budding).

Fertigation, soil (all crops):
2-4 l/ha (1-3 applications: after transplanting, фе vegetative renewal, during flowering and ripening).

Greenhouses, irrigation (all crops):
15-20 ml/1m³ of water or any nutritional solution.

plastic bottle of 1 l, plastic can of 10 l, 1000 l container.


  • Activates pollination and fertilization processes.
  • Stimulates flowering, fruit set and its retention.
  • Improves quality and productivity of crops.
  • Provides sugars transportation from old plant organs to the young ones and prolongs boron supply to the plants, that significantly increases photosynthesis.
  • Improves protein and carbohydrate metabolism.
  • Promotes enzymes activity.
  • Speeds the process of nitrate nitrogen conversion to proteins and amino acids.
Compatible with many pesticides and mineral fertilizers.

If applying in blend with pesticides, it is recommended to conduct a compatibility test.

The product should be dissolved the last if applying in tank mix with pesticides.

In foliar application it is recommended to use sufficient amount of water (minimum 300 l of water per ha).

Life Force is honored to be a member of international organic associations. Including IHSS ( International Humic Substances Society)
and IFOAM (International Federation of Organic Agriculture Movements).
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