Potassium Humate from leonardite (soluble)

Concentrated water-soluble extract of humic acids leonardite, a natural growth stimulant of agricultural and horticultural crops.


Dry matter: 85% (±5%)
Organic matter of dry matter: 70%
Humic and fulvic acids of organic matter: 90-95%
N organic of dry matter: 1.26%
K2O of dry matter: 12%
pH (1:100): 11-12
Appearance: black-brown powder (particle size 0-0.65 mm)
Solubility: 95-98%

Timing and recommended rates of application:

Compatible with many pesticides and mineral fertilizers.
If applying in blend with pesticides, it is recommended to conduct a compatibility test.

The product should be dissolved the last if applying in tank mix with pesticides.

In foliar application it is recommended to use sufficient amount of water (minimum 300 l of water per ha).

The product is recommended for foliar spraying and soil application (fertigation). Dilute the product with water in order to get the solution of humic acids in the required concentration. Important: the product requires pre-mixing and sieving prior to application in order to filter the possible insoluble sediment (not more than 5%), that can be used as a valuable addition to compost.

Pre-sowing treatment of seeds, cuttings, seedlings, bulbs:
5 g/10 l of water.

Foliar spraying (spraying machines):
Аll crops – vegetables, cereals, fruit, oil crops, ornamentals, etc.: 0.3-1 kg/ha (per season), minimum 500-1000 l of water per ha, 3-5 applications per season.

Foliar spraying (manual sprayer):
All crops: 5 g/10 l of water, 3-5 applications per season.

Fertigation, soil application in open field and greenhouses:
All crops: 1-2 kg/ha, 4-6 applications per season (6-12 kg/ha per season overall). The dosage can be increased by 30-50% for cultivation of intensive crops (vegetables, fruit, oil crops) and for sandy and sandy loam soils with low organic matter content.

plastic bucket of 1 kg, plastic bucket of 3 kg, plastic bucket of 10 kg, paper bag of 25 kg, big bag of 750 kg.


  • Can be applied to all types of agricultural and horticultural plants.
  • An effective antistressant.
  • Increases yield and improves plants quality.
  • Enhances photosynthesis and respiration, stimulates phytoalexins production.
  • Activates synthesis of protein, carbohydrates and vitamins.
  • Promotes roots development.
  • Increases the availability of nutrients and their rapid absorption by plants.
  • Improves the soil structure and mineral nutrition efficiency.
  • Catalyzes rapid toxins destruction.
  • Decreases accumulation of nitrates, heavy metals and pesticides in plants and crops.
Life Force is honored to be a member of international organic associations. Including IHSS ( International Humic Substances Society)
and IFOAM (International Federation of Organic Agriculture Movements).
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