Baktant ® Total
Bactericidal / Biocide agent for drilling fluids
Liquid Bactericidal/ Biocide agent

Bactericidal / biocidal agent for drilling fluids Baktant Total is added to drilling fluids to protect reagents from microbiological degradation*.

Designed to suppress the growth of sulfate-reducing and hydrocarbon-oxidizing bacteria and fungi in circulating cooling systems and to prevent microbiological deterioration to drilling fluids, and also prevents corrosion of oilfield equipment. Recommended for protection of reservoir pressure maintenance and oil discharge systems from biocorrosion.

*First of all, the protection is needed for polymeric reagents from the class of polysaccharides: cellulose ethers, starch reagents, biopolymers of the xanthan type.

Bactericidal / biocidal agent for drilling fluids Baktant Total is a solution prepared by hydrolysis of a mixture of aldehydes, alcohols and functional additives.


A mixture of aldehydes, alcohols and surfactants.

Homogeneous fluid from clear to light yellow color, with a specific odor.

pH of 1% solution

Plastic cans of 10 liters, 20 liters, 30 liters.

Upon agreement with the customer, can be supplied in metal or plastic barrels with a volume specified in the contract (usually 200 liters or 220 liters).

Fields of application and purpose

A wide spectrum drilling bactericidal agent.

Suppresses and prevents the vital activity of most bacteria (including sulfate-reducing), microscopic fungi, mold, blue-green algae.

Resistant to low temperatures.
Highly concentrated economic reagent.

Handle in accordance with general requirements for industrial reagents as well as MSDS and materials handling requirements.

Rates and recommendations

Consumption rate when dosing into fresh drilling mud when preparing: 0.2–0.4 L/m3

Consumption rate for subsequent treatments: 0.15–0.3 L/ m3
Consumption rate used to treat surface water injected into oil and gas reservoirs: continuous injection: 10–100 ml/ m3; periodic treatment: 0.3–0.5 L/m3 one or more times a week.

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