Polyamine inhibitor 180
Drilling fluids agent Consatone ®

Liquid clay inhibitor, thermal stabilizer, microcolmatant

Polyamine Inhibitor 180 is a liquid polyamine clay inhibitor used in water-based drilling fluids.
The product inhibits the clay hydration preventing water leakage and clay swelling.

An effective agent inhibits shale or active sticky clays from wetting, minimizing the potential for oil sealing and protecting cuttings. It is used in fresh polymer-clay and mineralized biopolymer drilling fluids.


Polysaccharide and polypeptide compounds, humic acids with an amine group, potassium and cationic surfactants

Liquid from brown to dark brown

рН of 1 % solution
Plastic cans of 10 liters, 20 liters, 30 liters.

Upon agreement with the customer, can be supplied in metal or plastic barrels with a volume specified in the contract (usually 200 liters or 220 liters), as well as in plastic cubic containers.

Fields of application and purpose

Resistant to major contaminants including cement, hard water, СО2, cuttings and crude oil.

Reduces clay hydration due to interaction with polar particles of the borehole wall and formation of a thin hydrophobic layer on its surface. It also physically seals the cracks and strengthens the walls.
Contributes to facilitating drilling conditions and increase of efficiency of oil and gas production processes.

Inhibits clays and prevents dispersion of sludge in water-based solutions.

Decreases the risk of balling-up of bit and BHA.

Rates and recommendations

Add the product to the drilling solution through a hydraulic funnel or directly into the mud tank with a freshly prepared drilling solution. It is possible to treat both the active drilling fluid and prepare a concentrated agent solution in a separate container for subsequent processing of an active solution.
The concentration of the product in the solution depends on the goals and objectives set, and is also associated with the activity of the drilled rock. Usually the minimum concentrations are from 10 kg/m3.

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