Polyamine inhibitor 369
Drilling fluids agent Consatone ®

Liquid clay inhibitor, thermal stabilizer, microcolmatant

Polyamine Inhibitor 369 is an up-to-date all-weather (can be stored at sub-zero air temperatures) polyamine inhibitor for clays and shale which effectively suppresses hydration and swelling of clay formations.

Polyamine inhibitor 369 prevents dispersion of mud cuttings; helps to decrease the risk of bit balling and BHA. Polyamine inhibitor 369 allows to stabilize the wellbore in shale formation intervals, reduce the operating time and dilution ratio of the solution. It prevents from screens sticking and improves the efficiency of mud cleaning equipment.


Composition of polyamine polymers, polyols, humic acids from leonardite and special modifying additives (surfactants).

Liquid from dark brown to black

рН of 1 % solution
Plastic cans of 10 liters, 20 liters, 30 liters.

Upon agreement with the customer, can be supplied in metal or plastic barrels with a volume specified in the contract (usually 200 liters or 220 liters), as well as in plastic cubic containers.

Fields of application and purpose

It is an active inhibitor of clay materials hydration.

Acts as a powerful organic shale inhibitor.

Does not affect the electrical conductivity of the solution.

It forms an impervious surface on the well wall, prevents the penetration of the filtrate into the rock structure.
It is thermally stable (up to 200 °С).

Effective over a wide pH range.

Environmentally friendly.

Does not affect the rheological and filtration properties of the solution.

Rates and recommendations

The reagent can be added either directly into the containers when preparing the solution or through a mixing funnel. There is no need to use additional equipment or special measures to process the solution.
It is possible to treat both like the active drilling fluid or to prepare a concentrated agent solution in a separate container for subsequent processing of an active solution. The standard concentration of the product depending on the drilling conditions is 10–20 kg/ m3.

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