Drilling fluids agent
Consatone ® - polyamine biopolymer

Polyamine biopolymer is a multifunctional agent which improves bearing capacity, controls filtration and improves rheological properties of drilling fluids, acts as an inhibitor of clay and shale swelling.

It is applied for oil or water based drilling fluids. It works without loss of efficiency even in high temperature mode.

The mechanism of clay inhibition and suppression of clay minerals hydration is based on the processes of neutralization of negatively charged surfaces of clay particles with amine groups, potassium cations and functional groups of polysaccharides and polypeptides being a constituent of the Polyamine biopolymer.

Improves rheological properties, bearing capacity, thinning, filtration and fluid loss control of the drilling fluid. The use of the polyamine biopolymer allows to eliminate or significantly reduce the use of such agents in drilling fluids as: thinners, xanthan gum and polyacrylamide (or their analogs), various types of inhibitors, gilsonites, asphaltites and sulfonated asphalt.


Polysaccharide and polypeptide compounds of humic acids with an amine group, potassium and surfactants.

Humidity: 20−22%

Grinding fineness (particle size): 0−1 mm

Specific gravity: 0,75−0,9

рН of water solution: 9,5−10,5
Appearance: powder from brown to dark brown.

Packaging: 25 kg 3 layer paper bags with inner lamination.

Water solubility: Soluble

Fields of application and purpose

  • Eliminates the pores clogging of the productive reservoir, leaving natural permeability, thereby excluding barriers to further inflow stimulation.

  • Is a highly effective amine-based inhibitor for drilling unstable shale.

  • Increases the stability of the borehole walls.

  • Improves the rheological properties of the drilling fluid.
  • Reduces API and HTHP filtration in water-based and hydrocarbon-based drilling fluids.

  • Prevents the production of LGS in the drilling fluid.

  • Increases thermal stability of the drilling fluid.

          Rates and recommendations

          Add 2−15 kg/m3 to all types of drilling fluids either in dry form (directly adding to the drilling fluid) or with preliminary hydration of polyamine biopolymer in water.
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