Sodium Humate Consatone (Sodium Lignite-alkaline Agent)
Drilling fluids agent Consatone ®

Filtration and fluid-loss control, stabilization of water-based or oil-based drilling fluids
Defloculant, fluid loss regulator

Sodium Humate is an agent to control filtration and fluid loss, stabilize rheological properties of water-based and oil-based drilling fluids. It is a drilling agent based on humic acids from leonardite.

It is well dispersed in water with formation of colloidal solutions. Serves to regulate the viscosity and static shear strength of clay muds thickened by cuttings, in order to facilitate drilling conditions and increase the efficiency of oil and gas production processes.


Sodium salts of humic acids from leonardite 90–100 %

Particle size
0–2 mm

Specific gravity

рН in water solution
Powder from brown to dark brown

25 kg three layer paper bags with inner lamination or polypropylene bags with liner.

Fields of application

Stabilizes the rheological properties of drilling fluids.

Improves the quality of drilling fluids, including the reduction of filter loss and viscosity.

Decreases fluid-loss at high temperatures and pressures.

Acts as a thinner for clay drilling fluids.
Ensures the stability of the wellbore.

Increases the efficiency of systems and fluids when drilling unstable clays.

Can be used in any type of water-based and oil-based mud.

Rates and recommendations

Add to all types of drilling fluids either in dry form (directly adding to the solution) or with prehydration in water.
The dosage is adjusted depending on the desired drilling speed, degree of filtration control and fluid loss: 2−20 kg/m3.

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