Sulfonated asphalt
Drilling fluids agent Consatone ®

Shale stabilizer, fluid loss reducing agent

Sulfonated asphalt is a clay / shale inhibitor which is designed specifically to solve wellbore instability problems. It increases wellbore stability, plugs pores and microfractures, prevents weakening of the structure, softening and sloughing of the rock.

Sulfonated asphalt helps to form a thin and dense filter cake and fine particles effectively clog shale microcracks and pores. When treated with sulfonated asphalt drilling fluid filtrate penetrates into the structure of clay rock, the degree of hydration, swelling and heaving is significantly reduced due to inhibition by substances in the drilling fluid filtrate.

It is resistant to major drilling mud contaminants, operates over a wide pH range and resistant to temperatures up to 204°C.


Particle size
0–2 mm

Specific gravity

Powder from brown to dark brown

25 kg three-layer paper bags with inner lamination or polypropylene bags with liner.

Fields of application and purpose

Shale stabilizer.

Reduces high temperature filtration.

Improves well hole stability.

Reduces rotation torque and tightening of seal.

Easily disperses in both aqueous and anhydrous solutions.
Thermally stable up to 400 °F (204 °C).

Can be used in most drilling fluid systems.

Resistant to bacterial degradation.

Forms a thin clay cake on the borehole wall.

Rates and recommendations

The standard concentration of sulfonated asphalt for shale stabilization is from 5 to 30 kg/m3.
To control fluid loss under high temperature conditions, the concentration should be 30 kg/m3.

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