Drilling agent
Polyamine Biopolymer

Multifunctional polyamine biopolymer: clay and shale swelling inhibitor, fluid thinner with bactericidal effect
Polyamine biopolymer is a new generation drilling agent.

The multicomponent composition and production technology make this product multifunctional. It works without loss of efficiency even in high temperature mode. Suitable for drilling fluids on water and oil base.

Shows properties as a highly effective organic inhibitor of hydration and swelling of clay and shale. The mechanism of clay inhibition and suppression of clay minerals hydration is based on the processes of neutralization of negatively charged surfaces of clay particles with amine groups and potassium cations of the polyamine biopolymer. Improves rheological properties, bearing capacity, thinning, filtration and fluid loss control.

Bactericidal components prevent the biodegradation of organic components of the drilling fluid and help to suppress the activity of sulfate-reducing bacteria that emit toxic H2S gas and cause biocorrosion of equipment and pipelines.

The use of the polyamine biopolymer can significantly reduce or eliminate the use of such agents in drilling fluids as: thinners, bactericides, various types of inhibitors, OBM filtration reducers, gilsonites and asphaltites.
Organophilic lignite in a complex with an amine functional group, active potassium and surfactants.

Humidity: 30 % (± 3 %)

Grinding fineness (particle size): 0-1 mm

Specific gravity: 0,75-0,9

рН of water solution: 9,5-10,5
Appearance: powder from brown to dark brown.

Packaging: 25 kg 3 layer paper bags with inner lamination.
Fields of application
  • Increase of the efficiency of systems and fluids when drilling unstable clay rocks. Maintainance of clays stability on the walls of the wellbore.

  • Increase of the thermal stability of drilling fluids.

  • Stabilization of the rheological properties of drilling fluids.

  • Decrease of fluid loss at high temperatures and pressures.
  • Suppression of microorganisms development in all types of water systems of drilling fluids.

  • Minimizing the HTHP filtration loss of oil-based drilling fluids.

  • Maintainance of stable solution performance by reducing the hydrophilicity, hydration and swelling of clays
        • Environmentally friendly.

        • Effective at low concentrations.
        • Can be used in any type of base: water and oil.

        • Acts effectively in deep hot wellbores.
              Rates and recommendations
              Add 2-25 kg/m3 to all types of drilling fluids either in dry form (directly adding to the solution) or with preliminary hydration of biopolymer in water. The dosage is adjusted depending on the following: the required level of inhibition, type of shale, borehole diameter, rate of drilling, as well as the desired degree of filtration control and fluid loss.
              It may be necessary to increase the dosage to 30-35 kg/m3 for special applications where high temperatures are expected or where ultra-low fluid loss is required.
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