Remediation and land reclamation

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A wide range of environmental remediation tasks could be solved with the help of humic substances application. They interact with all classes of ecotoxicans and are known to form stable complexes with heavy metals. They also act as electron carriers, mediate redox reactions of transition metals, affect the interphase distribution of pollutants, and much more.

Leonardite (lignite) and its modifications have been successfully used all over the world to restore the fertile soil layer on lands disturbed by human activities.

Life Force leonardite (lignite) is distinguished by the maximum content of high molecular weight humic acids and low ash content. That is why it is considered to be the most effective natural way of treating technogenic areas (primarily soils) from contaminations with oil, heavy metals and other pollutants in various functional city zones, lands near oil deposits, construction sites, industrial enterprises, etc.

The use of Life Force products for remediation and reclamation allows to restore the ecological functions of contaminated soils, reduce the concentration of biologically available pollutant compounds in soils to target critical values, prevent the spread of pollutants with erosion, eliminate or prevent pollution of surface and ground waters.

Remediation of oil-contaminated soils with Life Force products accelerates the processes of oil destruction, improves soil structure, increases the metabolic activity of microorganisms, including hydrocarbon-oxidizing bacteria.

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