Strong Roots Soil Conditioner

Soil Conditioner based on a mixture of humic acids from leonardite and potassium humate with the addition of natural zeolite. When applied during planting/replanting, it allows to increase the survival rate of trees, shrubs, flowers and any plants up to 100 %.

Promotes the formation of strong roots, stimulating their length and in thickness. Improves root respiration, nutrition, availability of mineral elements from the soil. Increases immunity, reduces the likelihood of root rot, accelerates the recovery of roots damaged by nematodes. Promotes the growth of soil microflora.

Leonardite: 50.0 %
Potassium humate: 25.0 %
Zeolite: 25.0 %
Dry matter: 70.0–75.0 %
Humic and fulvic acids: 60.0 %
Organic Nitrogen (N) on dry matter: 0.9 %
pH 6.5–7.5

black-brown powder

25 kg / 1 kg / 0.5 kg / 0.2 kg
Timing and recommended rates of application

Planting/replanting of trees, shrubs, flowers, transplants and any perennials
Apply 0.3–0.6 kg / m² on the bottom of the planting hole. Mix the required volume of soil for filling the planting hole with the soil conditioner at the rate: 100–200 g per 10 kg (L) of soil.

Trees and shrubs during the growth
Apply 150–200 g / m² evenly over the tree shade area around the trunk together with the first fertilizer every year.

Lawn, landscaping
For soil preparation during construction of turf areas: 10–12 kg/100 m².
Annually for lawn care apply 5–10 kg/100 m² divided into 2–3 equal doses.

Potted plants (flowers, shrubs, trees)
During soil preparation for planting: 3–4 g/5 kg (L) of soil.
During the year: 5–10 g per 5 kg (L) of soil, divided into 3–4 equal doses.

  • Stimulates the formation of strong roots.
  • Retains moisture and increases drought resistance.
  • Improves roots respiration and mineral nutrition.
  • Promotes the growth of soil microflora.
  • Ideal for poor soils.
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